The replacement building in Susenbergstrasse is the second project that Felix Partner is putting into practice with its own investment company. The elongated plot unites two extremes: the quiet and seclusion of nature towards the forest and the view of Lake Zurich beyond the road. These two orientations are merged by the narrow building, which captures the light at the front and tapers off towards the garden. Therefore the front walls are fully glazed and the living areas face the city, whilst the bedrooms face the forest. The bathrooms and the stairwell are located in between.

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Visionary architecture, innovative products and sustainable communication from all fields of architecture and the construction and property industries were honoured at the Iconic Awards.

The German Design Award is the German Design Council’s international prize. Projects whose designs include particularly successful features or solutions are recognised with a Special Mention – an award which honours the commitment of companies and designers.

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Programme: New build, 3 freehold flats
Services: Project development, building application, GC submission, construction design
Client: dynamis invest ag (and Felix Partner Invest AG)
Project duration: 2010 -

Location: Susenbergstrasse 90, 8044 Zürich


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