The Witenzelg residential estate is in a central location in Romanshorn and will become one of the largest estates with the MINERGIE® label in the Canton of Thurgau. Water from Lake Constance is used for the heating; in addition, the site will be completely car-free, therefore making a contribution to sustainability. Towards the outside the residential estate is defined as a perimeter development. Six point blocks mediate with the existing detached houses.  The two oblong buildings constitute the border with the adjacent sports grounds. At the roadside, two elevated buildings constitute the entrance to the spacious park in the centre of the estate. A fine network of paths weaves through the green space, linking the adjacent school building with the lakeside.

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Programme: New build, 165 flats and service areas
Services: Project development, design plan, building application, GC submission, construction design
Client: Private
Project duration: 2003 -
Location: Reckholdernstrasse, 8590 Romanshorn


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