An apartment building with 47 condominiums is under construction on Förrlibuckstrasse in Zürich. Modern, timeless architecture – aesthetic, clear, and downplayed in the language of form. Quite a contrast to the vibrant and aspiring district of Zurich West, which is abound with urbanisation and full of life. A very special feature of the new construction is its own sky-lit arcade, which we have christened the atrium. 

We implement the carefully developed project theme, "Experiencing life to its fullest", by making the claim "My type of Zurich". From this we have developed a text concept which conveys information on various topics from the viewpoint of a narrator: My type of future, my type of movement, my type of playground. The pictorial world in the advertisements fits with the pulsating environment, using dark colours to allude to the high-contrast façade with its dark window frames and the bright wall paint of the apartment building.

A sustainable increase in the level of awareness will be ensured to fit with the heterogeneous cross-regional target group. All of the means of communication used are aimed at increasing apartment sales and ensuring them by the completion of the new construction. And at achieving a strong and sustainable emotionalisation factor among the target group. We have also created a sales campaign to supplement our basic communication by adding a mixture of classical and ambient media measures which fit with our concept. This can emphasize additional features in the short term and reach the heart of the target group within the 5th district.

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Location: Förrlibuckstrasse 185, Zurich
Offer: 47 condominiums
Means of communication Brand personality, positioning, name development, claim, corporate design, ads , F12 and F200 street posters, window transparencies in public transportation, website, Google ads, ambient media measures with A3 and A2 indoor posters  and clean-wire trailers, image brochures, sales documentation, construction site billboard.
Customer: Swiss Life (Builder), Implenia AG (Sole contractor), Swiss Life Immopulse (Consulting and sales)
Year: 2015



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